Busy making friends

We’re celebrating our female-founded partners who create products that support women throughout their motherhood journey. 

We interviewed the women behind eight of our MORI friends brands to understand how they started, what advice they have for other entrepreneurs and the key lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Without further delay, let’s jump right into what their thoughts on female empowerment, diversity & inclusion are. 

What was your initial inspiration for getting started?

Ever since we entered into our professional lives as chiropractors, we’ve had a particular passion for paediatric and perinatal care, so these patient groups have always been top of mind for us.

Initially, our plan was just to make a great pregnancy pillow we could use and sell in our own clinics as we had a small franchise of family clinics back then. However, it was during the early product development phase someone urged and inspired us to think and go bigger! 

Challenges with pain, discomfort and sleep during pregnancy don't discriminate based on geography, so we quickly realised the amazing opportunity we had in front of us. 

Newborn Swaddle Bag

Starter Set

Must-haves for your birthing partner

Their favourite snacks - they are there for a long time also and will need fuel to keep them going pre, during and after birth. If your partner likes coffee, a cold coffee can is refreshing.

A lightweight, comfortable t-shirt.

An extra phone charger.

A change of clothes in case they need to stay overnight.

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