Science of Soft

We craft organic fabrics that are softer than a baby’s bum. But what’s the science behind the soft?

The softest way to sleep


decades of experience


organic natural materials


non harmful process


kind & caring manufacturing

MORI is softer than . . .

a baby’s bum

Our signature bamboo & organic cotton fabric

Breathable for day and night

Moisture-wicking to keep baby dry

Helps to regulate baby’s temperature

Easy to care for

Sustainably sourced

Kind on sensitive skin

Buying organic is a good starter, but the whole lifecycle of clothing needs to change to make a different. It is our duty to leave the world a better place than we found it, for our future generations. From the way we source, manufacture and wear clothes, we are always trying to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. That’s why we source sustainable materials that have the least harm and recycle and reduce our packaging. We also believe in giving clothing more than one lease of life which is possible with our Kindness Project. A way to pass clothes on to a family in need, and give them a better lifecycle.

Akin Onal - MORI CEO

What is the Kindness Project?

The Kindness Propject is our initiative to give MORI clothing another life. When you send back your preloved MORI clothing you’ll be passing them on to another family in need. While we send you credit to use, we send your items to London-based charity, Little Village, who give this to families who need an extra hand.

How to Get Involved?


Send back your preloved MORI items using our pre-paid postage label


We’ll send you £5 credit for 1-2 items or £10 credit for over 3 items


We deliver your products to Little Village every month & you help a family in need


To get involved just email and we’ll get you started

The sleepiest little June Bug. We LOVE these super comfy pajamas from @babymoriuk !

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Best Baby Sleeping Bag for
Style 2018


Best Baby Brand


Best Baby Brand

Would you pay 10p a night for quality sleep? That’s exactly why we crafted the Clever Sleeping Bag. We promise to deliver 2 years of the softest & most comfortavle sleep to your baby. Not only is our baby sleeping bag the best in the market, but it’s also better for value when compared to our competitors.

Awarded Mumsnet Best Baby Sleeping Bag for Style 2018

Not only do we have in-house expertise when it comes to sleep, we also work with the best experts in the industry. Giving you the very best advice to help your baby or toddler slee better.

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Back to School and Back to Sleep

Back to School and Back to Sleep

Back to School and Back to Sleep

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+ Sleepsuit delivered monthly

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