How Reflexology Can Be Beneficial During Pregnancy

The art of massage can be used for more than just relaxation. During pregnancy, reflexology can be beneficial in many different ways. We spoke with certified reflexologist, Maria Pecoff, who let us know why the practice can help connect mother and baby.

Through my experience, I have had insight into how hugely beneficial reflexology is in pregnancy. Not only is reflexology in pregnancy completely safe but it is also natural and non-invasive. It is such an effective way to restore and maintain your body’s ever changing balance during this time.

Being a mum of two myself, I have experienced the often overwhelming physical and emotional challenges that women go through when having a family. After the birth of my daughter (my second child), I decided that I wanted to specialise in pregnancy reflexology. I felt that I had a lot of insight to share in what is sometimes an overwhelming time. There is a lot of uncertainty in pregnancy and it's very important to me to support and care as much as I can, during such a sacred time.

I would always recommend reflexology as one of the best holistic treatments during pregnancy because working only with the feet, reflexology can achieve so much. It can restore a sense of equilibrium, encourage a restful sleep, soothe aches and pains associated with pregnancy and even aid digestive issues that will almost always occur in pregnancy, largely due to the many different hormones coursing through your body.

The benefits of reflexology during pregnancy are so great that whether it’s from the early weeks throughout the entire journey, or just a one off session, it really can be beneficial during this exciting stage of your life.

I often marvel at the mother’s excitement when feeling their babies respond actively to the treatment. Connecting with their body and baby, by having what can be an incredibly powerful and yet gentle treatment, is a worthwhile experience for most.

My top recommendations for a mum-to-be to put on her essentials lists (besides the basic essentials):

  • Bath chair
  • Firm breastfeeding pillow
  • Portable bed
  • Baby carrier

All of the above suggestions allow you to have your hands free at crucial moments, and keep your baby close by even when sleeping for those first early days and nights.

Maria Pecoff is insured and registered with CTHA. To find out more about her reflexology services during pregnancy, you can head over to her website, Twitter or Instagram.

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