Mum Diary: Keeping Fit and Healthy Through December

Mum Diary: Keeping Fit and Healthy Through December

The best advice often comes from parents that have the first-hand experience and can give their guidance to others. Every month we have Personal Trainer and busy working mum of three, Holly Newman, sharing how she keeps fit and healthy whilst running around with the children.

woman on exercise ballI’m really happy to be sharing my health and fitness diary with MORI readers.

Over the past month I have been trying to focus on healthy eating as much as possible, with the cold weather, the temptation of Halloween and Bonfire Night. At this time of year, I definitely find it tricky to keep on track with a healthy lifestyle but, equally I want to feel good and energised to keep up with everything that comes with the festive season, and reach Christmas Day feeling good and ready to indulge in all the food I enjoy!

To help maintain my fitness and healthy eating I find exercising daily is the way forward.  That could be something as basic as a 20 min walk to a full on 30 minute HIIT session. I find moving my body and getting outside in the fresh air (as much as possible) makes me feel good, keeps my energy levels up and encourages me to eat well.

I have been doing my best to drink at least 2 litres of water every day, which doesn’t come so easily to me when it is cold outside. As a reminder, I keep a dispenser on the kitchen worktop infused with lovely, fresh sliced orange, lemon or lime and carry a water bottle with me.  Fruit infused water feels and definitely tastes a bit more indulgent than plain water and I’m more inclined to stay hydrated. 

My Exercise of the month ~ Walking

Cold weather and shorter days definitely mean I’m spending a lot more time indoors, so I have been trying to walk daily.  I love walking and aim to make it brisk. This not only counts towards my total number of daily steps but also as an effective cardio workout. I find a doable way to factor this in is by parking ten minutes away from the school gates. This gets some daily exercise done without too much thought and is great for my children too. If I’ve had a slow walk in with all the boys, I pick up the pace on the way back to the car when I am on my own. Then that’s my exercise ticked off the to-do list for the day! 

Have a great December,

Best Wishes
The Real Healthy Mum 

Holly Newman is a busy mum of three boys, aiming to stay fit and healthy through parenthood. She is a qualified personal trainer with a passion for helping mums and women to exercise and feel good in a warm and friendly environment. For daily updates, you can follow The Real Healthy Mum on Instagram.

>>>> We at the Real Healthy Mum are so happy that you are reading our diary!  We stand by the content in our diary but everyone is different and please be aware that some of the content, moves or exercises in our diary may not be appropriate for everyone.  They are designed for persons who are fit and ready to exercise, but (by their nature) don’t and can’t take into account any one person’s personal circumstances or medical history.  Always consult your doctor before starting any fitness regime (including the ones in our diary and on our website).  Best wishes, The Real Healthy Mum Ltd

Photo credits: Johanna Birch

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