How To Dress as a Family For Halloween

How To Dress as a Family For Halloween

There are many merits to having a family, but one of the best is being able to craft a Halloween costume that involves the whole family. By coordinating the whole family to dress up in a certain theme, your family will certainly be the stars of any party…

The Addams Family

family dressed as the addams family

The greatest spooky family to take inspiration from! This costume is particularly great for those in a rush or with very young little ones as you don’t have to spend too much time putting the outfit together.
Credit: Good Housekeeping

League of Mummies

family dressed as mummies

Another one which is perfect for those who are short on time and resources. If your little one is very small, instead of wrapping them in bandages you can swaddle them in a white muslin, and they’ll look like a tiny mummy.
Credit: Halloween Costumes

Star Wars

For the movie fans out there, choosing a film such as Star Wars is a great choice. With an abundance of characters to choose from, it’s easy to come up with a range of creative costumes. Alternatively, you could choose any film that you love - even a horror movie.
Credit: Cara Loren

Day of the Dead

family dressed as day of the dead
This one is a little more flamboyant but is the perfect way to make sure the whole family are coordinated and wearing the same costume. Make sure you use toxin-free face paint for baby to ensure it’s safe on their skin, or alternatively, just dress them in a skeleton bodysuit.
Credit: Skull Family

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

family dressed as charlie and the chocolate factory
Not every costume has to be inspired by something scary! This outfit has creatively combined the family with a bump to make sure that mum can also take part effectively in the family costume.
Credit: Charlie Family

Classic Monsters

family dressed as classic monsters
Halloween is all about exploring the possibilities and finding ways to make a costume work for your family - regardless of the dynamics. Using the Classic Monsters means the costume will be instantly recognisable and can be easily adapted.
Credit: Tell Love and Party

Where the Wild Things Are

mum and baby dressed as where the wild things are
One of our favourite stories is Where the Wild Things, and what an amazing choice for a Halloween costume. This one is great if it’s just you and little one - you can be one of the monsters and baby can be Max!
Credit: Tell Love and Party

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Top image credit: Just Jodie

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