How to Carve a MORI Pumpkin

How to Carve a MORI Pumpkin

Trick or treat, this is Halloween! Which means it’s time to pick a pumpkin and carve it with your favourite spooky image. If it's your first time carving, we have some easy steps to show you how to carve a pumpkin with our MORI mascot of course!(Don't remember to include the eyes, because we forgot, oops...)

You should start by finding a healthy pumpkin, which is free of bruises, cuts and nicks. You can pick the one with the most consistent colour as well. It’s best to buy your pumpkin about a week or less before Halloween. For carving, we suggest you to get a medium-size one. If your pumpkin is ready, let’s start!


1) Choose a design - MORI icon (or anything you wish!)  


Before you start the process, make sure to draw your MORI icon or other design on your pumpkin with a permanent marker or dry-erase marker. If you are planning to carve the pumpkin with you little ones, let them outline it, as it can increase creativity.





2) Set up the work area

Carving can be messy business, especially when doing it with the kids, therefore we suggest you lay down lots of newspapers on a flat space. And don’t forget to put down an extra bowl or plate for pumpkin innards.

3) Cut the lid

After selecting a very sharp knife, which can be a serrated bread knife, paring knife or a filet knife, start carving by cutting the lid. Measure, draw and then cut a circle with around 5-cm radius from the stem. Angling the knife in towards the center of the circle would be better than cutting the lid completely vertical. Your lid doesn’t have to be circle, try square, star or other shapes as well.


4) Remove the inside filling

With a large spoon or an ice-cream scoop or with your hands, remove all the strands and seeds from the inside of your pumpkin. Making the inside as clean as you can will let the MORI icon shine brighter when you put candles inside.

 5) Carve MORI icon

Follow the MORI icon that you drew before by moving the knife back and forth and maintaining a downward pressure. If you are struggling to remove the cut-out section, try to push on that section from the inside. A helpful tip: Never pull the knife up towards you through the pumpkin.










6) Lighting and displaying

While lighting, you have 2 options: Candle or LED light. Choosing a candle or tea light is the traditional and most popular choice, however pay attention to not leave them lit overnight. Also don’t forget to place a dinner plate down first, to catch wax and avoid setting wooden porches, tables, or stairs on fire. Otherwise, you can choose to select the modern option, which is flashlights and LEDs. They are a safer and longer choice.  

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