Five tips to help you with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding might be natural, but it can also be tricky, leaving many women feeling defeated and down. Vicki Leaver is the ambassador for Tea for Two Week, which helps to spread awareness about breastfeeding in public. She's put together her top five tips that will help you with breastfeeding.

1. don't give up on a bad day!

The first few weeks of breastfeeding and life with a newborn are tough. The baby books gloss over lack of sleep, finding a new routine with your new little person, battling hormonal changes and trying to master breastfeeding. Perseverance is key!! Take each day as it comes, ignore the cleaning - it can wait. Babies are only babies for a very short period of time, so enjoy the cuddles, have breastfeeding lazy days in bed and go with the flow. 

woman with baby in sling breastfeeding

2. put together a nursing nest.

There will be days when you are stuck on the sofa, cluster feeding for hours. Or nights that seem endless with feeding. This is normal but get prepared. Arm yourself with drinks (you will be super thirsty with breastfeeding), snacks  (flapjacks are a personal favourite), muslins (handy for mopping up any sick), cushions to keep your back supported, phone charger, telly remote (for the box sets that you will catch up with) and breastpads (springing a leak always catches you unawares). 

3. trust your body.

In the first few weeks, as your little is growing, they’ll tend to cluster feed. This means they’ll often be feeding for hours on end, making you nervous about your milk supply. But there’s no need to feel discouraged or inadequate, this natural (and thankfully short-lived) process actually triggers your body to make more as your supply is tailored to their needs.

4. find breastfeeding support.

Whether that be at a breastfeeding support group, online facebook support pages, a breastfeeding support worker or your local breastfeeding cafe.  All the mums who attend are in exactly the same position as you. It can be such a boost to sit down with a cuppa and hear that everything you are going through is normal and know that you are not alone. The mums who attend the breastfeeding support groups locally find life long friends! 

After finishing her Breastfeeding Peer Support Training, Vicki saw a sign in a shop welcoming breastfeeding mothers a place to feed, and get a free cuppa. This inspired her to create Tea For Two Week, which helps to encourage the normality of breastfeeding in public. This event always runs through National Breastfeeding Week from 20th - 26th June. For more information, you can head over to the Facebook page or Twitter page.

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