How To Make Resolutions For Your Whole Family in 2018

How To Make Resolutions For Your Whole Family in 2018

how to make resolutions for your whole family in 2018

Throughout January we all make many resolutions that are personal and help up to grow. However, how many of us make resolutions that are for the whole family? Dad and family man, Han-Son from Daddilife, gives us his family resolutions that take into consideration everyone's needs and happiness.


New Year's resolutions tend to be individually focused, but have you ever considered making changes that take your entire family into account? The New Year is a great time to focus on yourself and your own health, but it's also the prime opportunity to make changes that improve your family and the habits and relationships that you share with each other. There are many resolutions that you can sit down and choose for your family. Take a look at these ideas and consider how New Year's resolutions can benefit the entire household.

1) Create Rituals
When you have family rituals, it forces you to carve out time to spend together and focus on each other. Obviously, you enjoy spending time with your family, but that doesn't make it easy to fit it into the schedule. Incorporate movie or special pizza night once a week, or plan a trip to a favourite museum once a month. If you have children with widely varying interests, you may need to establish a ritual for each child or be clever about finding something that combines their passions or creates a new-found love. You'll all look forward to your ritual once it's established.

2) Volunteer
Perhaps this could become your family ritual. Research shows volunteering as a family together makes everyone feel good and gives you a great way to create stronger familial bonds. Serve at a food kitchen, sew blankets for kids at the hospital, or make donations to the local food bank. Make sure the kids are involved – and definitely get them to sort out old or unwanted toys to give to charity.

3) Put Away the Devices
It's no secret that everyone is attached to their smartphone, but even if you're all home, being engaged with your device means you're not engaging with each other. As E-safety is becoming more and more important too - this year, commit to setting aside time each day to put away the phones and focus on each other. Perhaps this means at the dinner table or for the first few hours on the weekend. Whatever you decide, enforce it diligently for the best results.

4) Create an Emergency Plan
You like to think your family is safe and that nothing bad will ever happen. The odds of an emergency are fairly low, but it still pays to be prepared. As this year gets going, sit down as a family and come up with a plan for an emergency. Decide what you'll do in the case of a fire, flood, blizzard or other natural disaster. Work together to create an emergency kit with food, snacks, kids water bottles etc that you can keep on hand, just in case.

5) Eat Healthier
Busy families often rely on convenience foods or takeaway when time gets tight. Not only is this not healthy, but it can really affect your budget quickly. Commit to cooking for dads, which means eating more at home by prepping foods on the weekend and putting together a list of meals that you can throw together quickly when needed. Keep more fruits and vegetables at home so that everyone is encouraged to eat them more often.

It’s also a brilliant way to encourage sustainable living by encouraging the children to get involved in helping you prepare the ingredients where they can, and also get them learning about where the ingredients are grown from (I.e. not just from the Supermarket or online!).


6) Take the Day Off
Sometimes we all need a break so creating a regular day off will benefit everyone. Instead of a usual weekend of evening routine, you can take a bike ride or try a new restaurant. Maybe you go on a quick day trip or just stay at home in your pyjamas and watch movies. This creates great memories, strengthens your family bond, and allows everyone to take a breather from the busy schedule.

7) Make Time to Talk
When the schedule gets really revved up, everyone may be coming and going at different times. Start the habit of making sure to say hello and goodbye to each other anytime someone leaves or gets home. It might sound simple, but it's a fast and easy way to stay involved with each other. Also, make sure you end phone and text conversations with "I love you." You'll be amazed at how much more connected your family is simply by adding these phrases to your daily routine.

This year, it's time to focus on your entire family. By choosing a few resolutions that you can all work on together, you keep each other accountable and get to benefit from all of the perks of making healthy changes to entire lifestyle. You can still make your own personal resolutions, but you'll love how family resolutions improve your entire life and the bond you share with your spouse, children and other family members.

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