What clothing essentials do you need for your newborn baby?

As a new parent-to-be, you’ve more than likely spent hours upon hours searching online for exactly what you need. From car seats to pushchairs and dummies to bouncers, the list is endless...which is why when it comes to clothing you’ll want to have everything prepared to keep them warm and comfortable.

Here’s our list of the clothing essentials you need for those first few months of looking after your new arrival.


Considered the versatile must-have of the baby world, a bodysuit can be worn with anything for day or night. Often used as an extra layer under clothing, as little ones feel the chill more than us, or as sleepwear bodysuits are a necessity you can’t go without. There are plenty of styles featuring different necklines depending on how your little one feels about having clothes pulled over their head, as well as long or short sleeve for every climate.

Swaddle Bag

Every parent has heard about swaddling, but have you given it a go yet? You may have perfected the art on a teddybear before the arrival of your baby, but trying to fold, tuck, toll and pin a muslin on a wriggling little one is much more difficult that YouTube had you believe. Swaddle Bags are a great alternative as you don’t have to master any techniques or find the right size muslin, you just pop your baby in and zip them up. They also come with a popper feature on the arm so baby can have them in or out depending on their preference.

Sleeping Bag

Maybe not the first thing you think of in relation to babies, but sleeping bags are a lifesaver. You may know that sleep does not come easily to a new parent and one of the reasons for this is little ones wriggle a lot whilst they sleep meaning they kick off their covers, become cold and wake up. Sleeping bags are designed to stop this happening as they fasten around the baby with no loose material to be kicked off or put them in danger. This also means that you’ll have less to worry about as your little one can sleep safely, meaning you can get some rest too.


Another absolute essential is the sleepsuit, also known as a babygrow, onesie or romper. Although it may not seem like it, babies spend 80% of their time sleeping in the first few months, so they’ll practically live in sleepwear. As with bodysuits, there are plenty of styles suitable for however your baby likes to be dressed - most newborns prefer to be placed on their back so they can look at you whilst being dressed. Sleepsuits can also come with either poppers or zips on the front, both are designed for quick and easy changes, ideal for the middle of the night.


At some point, you’ll want to venture back out into the world to explore with your new arrival (and to show them off as well!). For this, you’ll be looking for an adorable outfit that’s also comfortable so your little one feels relaxed enough to snooze on the move. Using your trusted bodysuits as a base, it’s best to dress your little one in layers so you can remove them if they get too warm. Cardigans and bottoms with elasticated waistbands are best for this. In winter, it’s also advisable to get a hat as babies lose most of their heat through their heads. You’ll also want socks or booties to keep their little toes toasty.


Bathtime can be a little daunting at first, but will soon turn into a family favourite activity. A perfect time to get them clean and relaxed before bed, with some added snuggles too. Towel mitts are designed to make drying your little one easier as you can clean them with one hand, leaving the other to keep them steady. As you know, little ones can get cold easily so it’s also important to have a larger towel that’s highly absorbent whilst also being soft & fluffy, a hood will help to keep the warmth in, whilst look cute too.



Last but by no means least, the muslin, often thought of as the ultimate essential. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the fact that you’ll spend a lot of those first months covered in bodily fluids that don’t belong to you...muslins are perfect for mopping up any spillages whilst also hiding any stains on your clothing. They’re also perfect for swaddling (if you’ve mastered the burrito), discreet breastfeeding and even as a lightweight blanket in summer. 

If you’re looking to get everything in one easy place, look no further than our Starter Set. A thoughtfully curated set of 12 of our most-loved essentials for newborns from day to sleep to accessories.


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