Top Tips For Packing and Travelling With a Baby

Top Tips For Packing and Travelling With a Baby

We know how difficult it can be packing for holiday, especially when you need to pack for a tiny person, who somehow needs so many things. We asked parents what their essential travel items are and also what top tips they would give to expectant or new parents for their first holiday with baby.

Five boys and their dad laughing and playing outside• Faye Gooding - @mother_of_five_boys: “My top travel tips with babies would be, to always dress them comfortably for a journey and an outfit that can be changed easily. I often opt for a romper for traveling that has poppers for easy access for nappy changes. I also try to leave as early as possible, we have travelled through the night before as it's cool, and the babies sleeptime so makes traveling so much easier plus less traffic on the roads if going by car. Whenever traveling I always take a small soft changing mat that you can put on top of a changing table or on the floor and hand sanitizer in case the toilets are not close by or available (or clean). I definitely never leave without one of the really large muslin squares as they have so many uses.” 

• Evelina - @evga:“When travelling with a baby one of the most handy things are the blankets. They can be used in so many ways - from keeping your baby not too cold and not too warm for any kind of weather, giving you some privacy when breastfeeding to using it like a towel in some emergency situations. Another big concern for young mothers usually is will my baby sleep well in his new temporary bed. To make his new environment as close to his home bed I took my baby's sleeping bag to all our travels. This way the baby will have same conditions he was used to.

To make travels with your little one easier for parents number one item should be a stroller or a baby carrier. I wouldn't go anywhere without those things. On the other hand - you do not need anything fancy or lots of stuff. Just figure out appropriate clothing for you little one and you will be just fine.”

• Kelsey Branch:“My daughter Dorothy is now 19 months old and has already travelled numerous times (4 of those trips were on long plane rides!) For any trip I take with Dorothy, the most essential items I pack are extra pacifiers, her blankie, and some sort of baby carrier. I found that especially when traveling by plane, being able to have my hands free was extremely helpful. A useful bit of information in regards to choosing a carrier to travel with is to make sure to find one that does not have any metal parts! On our last trip we took, Dorothy fell  asleep on me in the ring sling as we were waiting in line to go through security. Unfortunately, since the ring was made of metal, I had to remove it from my body and put it on the conveyor belt to go through the scanner. Of course Dorothy woke up in the process!

When planning your travels, take into consideration babies nap/bedtime. On our first trip that we took, Dorothy was just 5 months old. I thought it would be a good idea to travel during her bedtime and mistakenly booked an 8PM flight. It went great until we landed at 11PM and she was once again woken up in all the craziness of getting off the plane. Needless to say she was not a happy camper and neither was I. I now try to keep shorter travel for nap time, and late night travel for long trips only! “

baby travelling on holiday in suitcase

• Michelle LaPorte - @michellemquinn:“Our travel essential is a swaddle. Cameron sleeps best when he is wrapped up tight! We love ones that have easy velcro or zippers so we can wrap him up without waking him or quickly get him out!”

• Greg Stanton - @london_dad:”We loved them before we came away but since being in the boiling sweaty heat we have realised that bamboo cotton is the best material for helping little ones to regulate their temperature. Ezra won't sleep in anything else now and he spends a lot of time in one when we are out walking with him in his carrier.”

• Shilah - @shilahsirois: “I’d have to say my number one item that I could never survive traveling without, or even motherhood for that matter!, is my ring sling! I seriously don't know how I could get through motherhood without it, and never could I get through traveling without it! And for my older child we definitely would need to bring his blankeys. He brings them everywhere with him and makes sure he has them every night for bedtime, they smell like home and they're just what he needs to comfort him when we're away from home. It's the little things, right! And my top tip for new moms traveling would have to be, above all, to try and just relax! I know it seems impossible because traveling is super stressful, but your littles pick up on your stress and emotions, so if mommy has a good day, then baby probably will too!”


What essential baby travel items could you not survive without? Let us know in the comments below!

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