Hugo’s Bedtime Routine with MORI

Hugo’s Bedtime Routine with MORI

A dreamy & calming bedtime routine photo journal by Sally Fazelli, lifestyle and fashion blogger.

I think it was when Hugo was about four and a half months that he started getting super tired between 7-8.30pm and so this soon became his bedtime. The biggest sign of knowing that he was getting ready to sleep would be the obvious rubbing of the eyes, almost immediately when he started doing this I would start with what has now become his ‘bedtime routine.

This literally consisted of a bath, a bottle and then bed. The simplest of routines. Although it’s simple, some nights everything goes to plan and he falls asleep whilst having his bottle and then we gently transfer him to his cot with no fuss or tears, however other nights he’s like a little agitated monkey and can’t keep still and will only fall asleep on me if I nurse him myself or I’m there cuddling him asleep. I don’t mind too much though as I secretly still enjoy nursing him as I feel so connected to him but he’s getting so big now that in my head I feel like he’s too big, but in my heart he’s still my little baby.

Hugo is definitely a bath lover, ever since he was born if he was ever really unsettled during the day or evening, a bath would instantly calm him. Getting him out and into his pj’s in one swift movement was another story though as he hated getting out of the bath. He’s fine with this now as he enjoys being smothered in kisses as we lay him on the bed in his snuggily hooded MORI towel.

I don’t know about you as well but although we have a collection of different sleepsuits there are always a few personal faves which are our ‘go-to’ baby grows due to the fit and comfort on Hugo. These are a few of my personal reasons as to why as a family we fully support MORI.

We like the slightly bigger footless baby grows as they are great for Hugo’s stability when he’s pulling himself up on his feet all the time so he has more grip on the sole of his foot. This probably doesn’t sound like such a big deal but so many sleepsuits have the foot bits attached so it’s refreshing to find these.

The bamboo cotton mix fabric has been great especially during these hot summer months as it has meant that Hugo stil feels warm but hasn’t overheated. This is because bamboo helps to regulate body temperature either to help keep your babe warm or cooler in our changing seasons.

We love MORI as the simplicity of styling is perfect for bedtime as Hugo is super comfy and cosy but still in a well-fitted sleep suit. The material has some room to move, meaning that he can get more wear out of the sleepsuit, which is great for value of money.  I've washed them multiple times, and they still have the same softness and share as when they first arrived. With neutral colours, I can keep Hugo's grown out of clothes for the next babe (not just yet though, but in the future ;)).

I was lucky enough to be invited to MORI's launch event in London, last year and I've loved the brand every since. I was introduced as ‘Sally Fazeli who’s a lifestyle mummy blogger’, it still feels so strange when I hear people saying this as I always think that there are so many other better mummy bloggers out there but hey, I’m so grateful to MORI who have taken an interest in my journey through motherhood – I appreciate all your love and support always! It’s because of you guys I keep doing what I’m doing at the end of the day! 

Lots of love

Sally & 10 month Hugo


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