5 Tips For Dads to Create an Extra Special Halloween

5 Tips For Dads to Create an Extra Special Halloween

Is this your child’s first Halloween or is it the first time you think they might actually enjoy the fun? Maybe it's the first time that you're in charge of the spooky festivities. If you're aiming for some family Halloween goals this year, then here are five ways from Daddilife on how to make Halloween extra special as a modern day dad.

family dressed as the incredibles1) Keep it age appropriate: Young children find the scary parts of Halloween terrifying. Particularly if they don't quite yet understand the difference between real and imaginary so if they are under 5 play it safe and stick to the cute side of Halloween. No bowls of brains, eyeballs or edible blood. Those little kids are going to think that it really is a bowl full of someone's eyeballs. Everyone will have a much better time if the littlest members of the family are not having a breakdown because they've misunderstood the fun. As you probably know by now it's much easier to have fun together when everyone is in a good mood. Keep Halloween costumes cute and avoid scary things like zombies. Little kids enjoy being part of a team or group so a family costume is great when your kids are young.

2) Set the stage: Involve the kids and they will enjoy the decorations so much more. You'll find that older children will absolutely love making up revolting and disgusting decoration ideas. You'll find plans will get pretty intricate when you involve children in the planning stages and it will give you plenty to chat about over dinner for weeks. Spending time designing a big project like a homemade graveyard for your front garden will occupy the raining weekend afternoons of September and October. You can do a great deal with old clothes and sheets so don't think that you need to spend loads of money you just need to access those creative talents. Think ghostly decorations and a few flickering lights in pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is a great tradition to instigate the weekend before Halloween and you can get really serious with a family competition. Here is are some great instructions if you're unsure about what to do.

3) Party games and pranks: How old are the kids? If you think that they are up to a party, then go for it. Invite a bunch of their friends around and have a costume competition, go apple dunking, pick marshmallows out of flour or eat doughnuts off of string covered in honey. There are loads of non-scary games to play with young children but those games for older children are brilliant. Boxes with grapes or bowls of cold spaghetti are old favourites. This is another place to let your imagination run wild and with a little thought, you can create some brilliant family moments as part of your autumn activities with the kids. Don't forget about prank playing during Halloween as a little gentle pranking with your kids is fantastic fun. Like the decorations, half the fun is in the planning so involve them in a prank to pull on your party guests and you'll find yourself knee deep in spooky prank plans.

halloween pizza party food4) Think about the weather: This is important if you're taking out your little ones for trick or treating. Simple Halloween costumes that will slip over jumpers and coats if it's cold outside are a perfect solution. When those kids are running around make it easy for yourself to remove layers so they don't overheat with easy to remove costumes. If you were not lucky enough to be dressed in bin bags for Halloween as a child, then you'll not remember the sweaty trick or treating those homemade costumes involved. Now there's loads of help with thinking up creative and imaginative ideas for homemade costumes so you don't need to sweat. Don't risk your kids showing up in the same supermarket costume as everyone else and involving them in the invention of their costume is fab fun.

5) Putting the treat into trick or treating: Sweets and treats are a serious business when it comes to Halloween and unless your kids are on a restricted diet there's no need to completely avoid the sweets. In fact, it's probably impossible. But, there are plenty of alternatives like fruit turned into all sorts of gruesome spooky snacks to keep the sugar consumption down a little. Think about turning everyday foods into a scary alternative. A healthy pizza with the cheese cut into ghost shapes is a great place to start, and like lots of Halloween ideas there’s a wealth of inspiration out there. Even the smallest children love helping in the kitchen so unless it's really unsuitable for them let them help and enjoy the messy fun.

Having fun is the whole point of Halloween and with an eye on the age of your kids, you can make it loads of fun for the whole gang, dad.

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