7 tips to dress your baby in summer

Did you know that babies have a difficult time regulating their body temperature? 

Because of this, it means you’ll need to always adjust their clothing to make sure they aren’t overheating or feeling too cold. 

When summer hits, your little one will feel the heat, so you’ll need to ensure they’re dressed appropriately because the last thing you want is an upset and sweaty little babe.

how to dress baby in summer

Beat the heat! Dress your baby in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton for park trips & beach adventures.

Opt for lightweight PJs for warm nights & comfy naps. Don't forget a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection!


1. go natural

There are certain materials that just weren’t made for the sunshine; polyester, jersey and silk are all fabrics that will stick against skin and provide no room to breathe in.

That’s why when dressing your baby for summer it’s best to choose fabrics made from natural materials such as cotton and bamboo. 

Organic cotton is very light yet durable, which means in the heat it will feel breezy on skin but can withstand a little milk spillage or grass stains from crawling. 

Bamboo is known for its breathability - something that will ensure your baby stays cool as their skin will be able to feel the fresh air. Bamboo is also moisture-wicking and helps to draw away moisture from the body so there will be no soggy bottoms.

2. keep it short

If you’re out and about, the best way to dress your little one is in short sleeves and short bottoms, so bodysuits are perfect for this. 

You might be worried about the sun affecting their skin because they are exceptionally sensitive - firstly use an organic sunscreen to protect them, but always make sure you stay in the shade or use a muslin to create a shaded area for them. 

Just remember that it is advised that sunscreen is applied only to babies over 6m - if your little one is under this age, keep them in the shade.

3. layer up

Even though your baby will need their short sleeves, it’s always a good idea to take another layer with you.

The weather can change and you need to be prepared to give your baby another layer if the clouds populate the sky.

 With a bodysuit as your base, you can take with you either a long-sleeve and legged sleepsuit (it might even encourage a siesta) or some yoga pants and a t-shirt.

This way the baby is always protected no matter the weather, and you can feel certain they won’t be too hot or too cold.

5. sling it out

Are you a sling wearing mama? They are an amazing way to travel about with your baby - especially if you live in the city and rely on public transport to get around. 

We love our slings just as much as the next, but in summer they can become exceptionally hot for you and baby. If you can opt for a wrap style sling made from a breathable material, it will keep you both much cooler.

Alternatively, take the pushchair out for the day as you can easily create a shaded area for your little one to rest in.

4. free the feet

Babies lose heat from their heads and their feet (just the same as us adults!), so to help their tiny bods regulate that temperature, let them go barefoot. 

Babies that cannot yet walk don’t need socks or shoes, so let them stay cool with the freedom to wriggle their toes.

If your baby is walking, you can opt for open sandals which still let that dreamy breeze tickle their toes.


6. extra protection

On days when the sun is relentless, you should consider extra protection for your baby.

A hat with a brim is the safest way to make sure the sun doesn’t go on their head and helps to protect their face from the sunrays. 

Eyes are delicate when it comes to the sun, and light coloured eyes even more so, if you know your baby will be out for the day and the sun is shining, it’s best to find some sunglasses for them to wear.

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7. sleeping safely

When it comes to sleep, everything is dependent on the temperature of the room that your baby sleeps in.

Generally, if the room is above 20c you can dress your baby in a short-sleeve bodysuit with a 0.5 TOG sleep sack, but if the room is hotter than 25c you may want to forgo the sleeping bag and instead opt for just the bodysuit. 

The best way to determine how your baby should dress is to consider what you’re wearing to sleep and add an extra layer to your little one.

For the first night, monitor their temperature and room’s temperature and adjust accordingly. 

TIP: Always feel the back of your baby’s neck as this is the one place on their body that you will be able to tell if they are hot or cold.

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